There are many ways in which Nashville painting services from Nashville House Painters would benefit you. We can come out to your home and provide you with professional paint services because we know how much time you’ve vested making your home look beautiful.

Everything from residential paint work to faux is our specialty. Call to find out more about how we can beautify your home on the inside and out. We’ll make the appearance of your home stand out and the focal point of the neighborhood.

House painting is something that should only be done by true professionals of the trade. Doing it on your own could result in flawed painting that demands hitting the reset button.

There’s only one way to tell if our painting is as good as we say it is and that is by having it done by our professional Nashville painting contractors. We do everything from interior to exterior painting. We can meet your needs and more whenever you come to us.

Services 1

Exterior Painting

Nashville House Painters knows what it takes to create a home exterior painting project that will beautify your home or office and transform your vision into a reality. And we do it on time and budget, up to 30- feet or one story. While you might feel that painting the exterior is a personal choice, there’s a good deal of sense to the painting limitations that some homeowners face. A bright house with vibrant shutters on the block can successfully make it almost impractical for anyone else in the neighborhood to get full value for their home when they resell. A consistent house painting color scheme that’s carried on from property to property adds enormously to the appeal of a neighborhood. Our Nashville exterior painting contractors can help you create the perfect color scheme for your home’s exterior.

Reasons to

Hire us

Professional preparation

Provides more than just painting

Meticulous attention to detail

One of our core values at NHP is trust and integrity. How do you know that 30 ft high area that you can’t see has not been skipped over? Or were some repairs not done and just painted over only making the situation worse? Our professional Nashville painting contractors prepare the surface of your home to ensure the best paint adhesion. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust and loose dirt can affect the quality of the painting job! By hiring us, you can rest assured that our exterior painters will give you a high quality exterior paint job that will survive the hot summers and cold winters without blistering, cracking or peeling.

Sealing and Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

A quality exterior paint job also seals and protects your home or office from moisture and mildew, dry rot and other damaging affect from the environment. Also by sealing your home’s exterior it helps your home become more energy efficient which can help lower your monthly utility bills.

Make sure your Nashville home or office is protected with a quality exterior paint job. Exterior paint provides the only protection from the harsh outdoor elements for your home or office. Between the harsh winters and the humid hot summers, your building’s exterior suffers more wear and tear from the outdoor weather elements. If not protected properly weather elements can cause your exterior paint to warp, crack and peel.

Increasing Value of Home

There is a way to increase the value of your home if you want to enhance the appeal or you just want to resell if for more than you paid and that’s by having the exterior painted. You’ll make a great first impression on potential home buyers.

Stop telling yourself that you’ll wait another year to have Nashville exterior painting done. Call us and have it done as soon as tomorrow. We are prompt to your painting needs because we know how much you depend on making your house look good.

Services 2

Interior Painting

Make your home look brand new with the colors your love.

The interior painting contractors at Nashville House Painters are rated highly by Nashville homeowners who have given us great recommendations. We do all kinds of paint jobs from small apartments to large luxury houses. Let us become your residential paint specialist. With our proven professionalism and experience, we can show you how to transform your biggest investment, your home, into a work of art that you and your friends can enjoy for a lifetime. We’ll add new colors and life onto your walls making them vivacious and alive.

Call us to schedule your estimate today.

Advantages of Hiring Nashville

House Painters

New Colors and patterns

Structural stability

Professionalism and Friendliness

Homeowners enjoy professional quality service from a local, expert painting company. Your locally owned painting contractor delivers the unique combination of superior quality, customer service and workmanship. We’re 100% committed to meeting the needs of every homeowner we work for.

Professional House Painting

Our Nashville interior painting projects are highly rated and we consistently receive great recommendations. Nashville House Painters does all kinds of paint jobs from small condos to large luxury homes and we treat every job with the same attention to detail and quality.

If you want your home’s new painting job to look absolutely perfect, you should hire a professional interior house painter. Doing the job yourself tends to be more of a hassle then home owners plan. A qualified painting company like Nashville House Painters can paint your whole home or just one room, no matter the size.

Getting the Job Done Right

If you hire a professional interior painting contractor, you can trust the job will get done right when you hire us. With our experience in painting the interior of homes all across the area, we pride ourselves at painting on our professionalism that sets us apart from other painting companies in the area.

Whether it is coming in to paint one room or an entire home, all of our jobs are viewed in the same manner, an investment in our future and our customer’s complete satisfaction. You’ll get the right interior painting service for your walls when you call us first.

Services 3

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is one of our specialty services here at Nashville House Painters. As a local and reputable painting company, we have some of the most talented painters in the area to do the work for you.

The new quality finish we provide will add protection to the wood while updating the cabinets with contemporary color. Refinishing them is sure to renew the aesthetics of your home and brighten the mood of the room without the high cost of replacement.

Is the cabinetry in your home looking a little dull? Is the luster fading? If it’s time to consider refinishing them, call Nashville House Painters and ask about our Cabinet Painting service.

We offer affordable, expert Cabinet

Painting services

High Quality, Durable Paints

Impeccable Workmanship

Professional and Efficient

Here is our process to make your kitchen look brand new again

About Our Nashville Painting Services

When you choose to work with Nashville House Painters for any service, you’ll enjoy high-quality paints and workmanship. We will make sure you receive a flawless finish that is long-lasting and durable.

Our professional interior painting contractors make sure to protect and cover the areas within and around the worksite. We properly prepare the surfaces to ensure good product adherence. You can count on our crew for reasonable rates and expert service.

Whether it’s a simple job or the entire interior we are painting, we treat every job with the same special care. Call today for any questions or to schedule your estimate.

Services 4

Faux Painting

Nashville faux painting provides a way to create simulated surfaces such as wood, stone and marble at a fraction of the cost of purchasing real materials. These techniques can be used on cabinets, columns, doors, walls and ceilings. The result of these faux designs can often times have a more interesting appearance.

Call today to see what our Nashville painting contractors can do for your home, apartment, office or condo.

Offering 3 Different



Add the rich glow of precious metals to you custom paint projects. Metallic finishes can be used to reproduce the look and feel of a actual metal surface or as an accent to add warm, depth and richness to a painted surface.

Wood Graining

An excellent source of painting for kitchen cabinetry, the wood graining technique will come at a fraction of the cost that a Nashville kitchen remodel would. Anything that you want to mimic the look of real wood would be best using this painting technique.

Venetian Plastering

Offering a favored dynamic to any room in the home, Venetian plastering can turn your walls into something extraordinary. It is a great way to cover wall deformities up. It also adds an artistic touch to a room. Making a comfortable choice for your walls means hiring the best painters for them.

We are Proud Partners

Nashville House Painters is proud to partner with Master Artisan Jay Bernard at Faux Décor. Nashville’s premier faux and design painting company, providing the widest range of custom classic and modern painting options. Call us today for more details on how to get your Nashville faux painting done.
Services 6

Color Consultation

We are proud to participate with, and thrilled to recommend Nashville’s five star rated color consultation service – Faux Decor.

While choosing your home’s color can be exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Working with our color specialist can help alleviate that stress and ignite your latent creativity. Our color specialists help you select colors that will perfectly fit your home’s unique design style and add that modern lift that will last for years to come.

Nashville’s five-star rated Color Consultation Service Faux Decor starts with an in home visit: Our color specialist then provides every homeowner with their own tailored room color ideas, overall home color design scheme, and their homes personalized color palette. And if requested, a Photoshop slideshow displaying color options as the would appear in each actual room. You know that look of beautifully design room right out of the pages of a magazine. Contact us today and you can start enjoying that look for your home today! Our color experts will help you select the perfect color palette for any room or for your complete home design.

What makes Faux Decor’s Color Consultations

so unique?

Faux Decor has over 20 years of expertise in the field of custom wall, ceiling, decorative finishes, interior painting, and color harmonizing when balancing home design nationwide.

Everyone knows that trying to make a selection from generic and microscopic paint chips you acquire from your local home improvement or paint store is nearly impossible. So, when you team up with the experienced pros at Faux Decor it will make all of the difference in choosing a color you and your home can love and enjoy. Colors are greatly affected by all your homes lighting: a professional color service like Faux Decor will help you select the right color for every room and show you how make the best use of your home’s natural and ambient lighting in color selection.

Faux Decor experienced and expert color consultants participating with Nashville Design House Painters can send you on the right path – while providing the type of painting that you need from lavish interior colors to bold exterior ones.

For our Nashville Color Consultation Client’s

In a single visit, we will create a cohesive color palette that will compliment your furnishings and architecture to produce the mood and feel you desire. Our highly acclaimed in-home color consultation service is now only: $225. for the first hour and $125. for each hour thereafter. (average in home color consultation visit usually takes 2 to 3 hours). Find your perfect color today! Or call today 615-414-5059

For Your Home’s Exterior Paint Color Consultation

Faux Decor’s Nationwide Home Online Virtual Color and Design Service:

Experience the elegance of beautiful color designs and enhancements for your home. Imagine! …experiencing your home’s perfect exterior color, and if you request even design enhancements for your home before you begin to paint. Clients Nationwide simply send in pictures of their home’s exterior to experience the best version of their home’s color and design enhancements. Our color designers then create three full-color renderings for every client showing the perfect combinations of paint colors and design embellishments that will best showcase their home’s exterior.

Experience your home’s own virtual color consultation today.

Discover your home’s best exterior color and look before you begin to paint!

Benefits of Hiring a Paint Color


There are plenty of benefits to having a room or the exterior painted by someone that knows what they are doing as opposed to someone that has never had to paint before. Your home can have superior painting done to it as you’ll see the following benefits:

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Match interior designs

Painting done to perfection

Consultations Save you Time

Our Nashville painting contractors are able to pick out the right colors because it is their forte. We have a flair for color and it has shown all throughout homes, small offices, condos, and apartments since 2012. Your walls will shine more and so can the outside of your home.

Hiring a professional eliminates the problem of finding the right look and color for the home no matter if it’s for the interior or outside. A professional can spot issues with the color of the paint you want. No more will you have to deal with color complexities when you hire us.

Picking the Right Paint Schemes for your Home

It can be frustrating to pick out your own colors if you do not have a knack for it. There are literally thousands of colors and mixes. There is always something different for each room of the home. Here is some insight for getting the perfect color:

Color Complexities

It is fine to pick a color you like for your rooms on your own, but green is never just green. Picking out paint colors can be tricky because there are lots of variations of the color green as well as others. At Nashville House Painters, we can help pick out your shade of green.

There are lots of ways in which a professional paint color consultation in Nashville can enhance your home on the inside and out. You’ll find that our consultation service will bring new life into your walls no matter where you live.