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About The Owners

I’m Rick Smith and I have over 17 years of regular interior exterior painting experience.  I have been married to my wife for 35 years.  Whatever I’m able to accomplish in this business is because of  her. We have lived in the Nashville area for over  30 years.

Nashville House Painters

The Process

Faux Painting Process in NashvilleThrough our Nashville painting process, we begin each job through prepping. Prepping the walls and floors helps create a safe atmosphere where the job can get done conveniently and safely. After prepping the area, we then sand  the walls to knock off all the noticeable wall imperfections.

Once the walls have been sanded out smooth ; we start the actual; painting process of applying how ever many coats of paint it takes achieve a smooth uniform coverage .

The Products

Nashville Interior Painting ContractorsThere are lots of quality products that we use to get a job done. We only use the best paints in the business. Good interior paint will last you years and add to the security of your walls. Our sprayers and brushes are also checked before each job because we don’t want to leave the site once the painting has commenced.

Painting tarps are laid out before the job to protect your floors. We don’t want to get paint on your hardwoods, flooring or carpeting. We also don’t want to get paint all over your décor. This is why we take necessary precautions on every job.