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Nashville House Painters in Nashville

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Our process is designed specifically for you and your needs. It gives you your home back as soon as possible while always keeping you in charge of what’s happening. We make sure that you know everything when working with us and have all the information you need in order to feel comfortable with every step.

We understand that sometimes money can be tight, that is why we offer reasonable prices and financing options that ensure you always get your money’s worth in return. Our way of working is meticulous and we do not cut corners or neglect any amount of space.

Read more about our process below.

Achieve Your Dream in 9 easy steps

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 1. Fill Out The Estimate Form

Get in contact with us by filling out our estimate form and load your project video. After we review the project video, we’ll get back to you for a phone consultation to learn more about your project, what you want to achieve, and discuss what similar projects would cost.
Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 2. Phone Consultation

During the phone conversation, if we have all the details we need from the video, we’ll be able to give you an accurate price estimate based on the scope of work. At the end of this conversation, you will have all the information you need to decide if a on-site consultation is in order.
Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 3. On-Site Consultation Meeting

An on-site meeting may not be necessary if your project is more straight forward and an agreement can be made in the phone conversation. If an on-site meeting is necessary, we’ll meet and discuss any final details to make sure there is nothing that you want to add or remove from the estimate list. We will discuss scheduling, and any questions you have about the agreement form. Please note that we must have a deposit to put you on the schedule.
Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 4. Color Consultation

If you already have your mind made up on the colors you want to use, you can skip this step. If you’re unsure, we can give you color suggestion based on past results that looked good. However, picking the right color the first time is very important and can be overwhelming, so choosing professionals to guide you through the process will alleviate that stress and ignite your latent creativity. We are proud to participate with, and thrilled to recommend Nashville’s five star rated color consultation service – Faux Decor. They’ll help you select colors that will perfectly fit your home’s unique design style and add that modern lift that will last for years to come.

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 5. Pre-Job Walkthrough

Once you sign the agreement and the scheduling deposit is made we schedule your job. On the start date, our job site manager/crew leader will walk through the project with you and make sure everything is checked off the pre-job checklist on the start date of your project.
Nashville House Painters in Nashville


We start painting and pay attention to the smallest details so that you get the craftsmanship you deserve. If you’re away during the project, our project manager will keep you updated on the job status. We make sure that the best version of your dream will be our finished product. 

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 7. Post-Job Walkthrough

Once our work is done, our site manager walks through the project with you and makes sure everything is checked off. A thorough inspection is conducted where all aspects of the finished product are analyzed to make sure it was done properly and as expected.

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 8. Follow-up Visit Or Phone Call

We do not only want to get the job done for you, we want to make sure you are happy and satisfied with our services after we’re gone. This is why we call back after 3 days to check in with you and see if everything is to your liking.

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Step 9. Enjoy Your Home

This is the most important step and we consider our job incomplete if we’re not seeing a huge smile on your face. When we’re out the door, get ready to enjoy your improved dream home to its fullest and be happy and content with its new looks.

Nashville House Painters in Nashville

Our Warranty

We offer a 2-year limited warranty that covers our workmanship and anything that is within our control as stated in the contract. We don’t hold responsibility for issues like wood expanding and cracking paint due to poor ventilation, water damage, or other natural causes.

Our Favorite Projects

Take a look at all the possibilities, different styles, and atmospheres that can be created with color. Whether you just moved into a new house, are looking to touch up or sell your home, or just need a change of style, you can find examples of our work below.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Since 2011, people across Nashville have been giving positive reviews on our work. They’ve valued our communication skills, our attention to personal detail, and our advice when giving their home a refreshed look. Read below on what our clients have had to say so that you know what to expect when working with us.


In addition to just being charming, nice guys, Rick and Dean have all the “PR’s” that you want in your PainteRs: they were precise, prompt, professional, and priced perfectly!

Rick’s advice was invaluable, and I am so grateful to him for accommodating our schedule. Dean’s attention to detail made our room fabulous. We love the job they did and couldn’t recommend them more highly…



The service was extremely good, with a short turnaround.

I highly recommend this painter for interior paint projects.

My home looks wonderful, and the painters delivered just what they promised. I am very pleased.



Rick and his team was prompt and professional. He even visited our house on Father’s Day to give us an estimate. He painted our whole house of 1,600 sq ft in two days. We feel that the price was fare and service was excellent.

I strongly recommend Nashville House Painters if you want professional work, great pricing and all around just good people. They will be the first people I call when we move into our new house.




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