Our Paint Color Consultation Service

Welcome to Nashville’s five-star rated paint Color Consultation service.

With over 20 years of expertise in the decorative design field and color harmonizing when balancing home design nationwide

it all begins with Color!

We are now making available to all Nashville area Residents our five-star rated paint color consultation services.  No longer will you need to make this important decision of paint color choice on your own.

Everyone knows that trying to make a selection from generic and microscopic paint chips you acquire from your local home improvement or paint store is nearly impossible. So, when you team up with the experienced pros at Faux Decor it will make all of the difference in choosing a color you and your home can love and enjoy.

What you can Expect from our Paint color consultation specialist: It’s simple! And, you’re not left out of the process;

While choosing your home’s paint color can be exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Working with our color specialist can help alleviate that stress and ignite your latent creativity.

Our paint color area specialists service all of these Nashville areas – Brentwood, Franklin, Belle Meade, Nolensville, and Arrington – selecting paint colors that will perfectly fit your home’s unique design style. While adding that modern lift that will last for years to come. You know that look of a beautiful design room right out of the pages of a magazine.

Enjoy that look for your home today!  Our paint color experts will help you select the perfect color palette for any room or for your complete home’s design. Contact us today and let’s get started finding your home’s perfect color.


Share with us your vision for your home’s exterior and we’ll make it happen in an efficient and accurate manner. Watch us transform your home into your dream home and enjoy our hassle-free process. Here’s how we make it work for you:

schedule your Paint color consultation

In a single visit, we will create a cohesive paint color palette that will compliment your furnishings and architecture to produce the mood and feel you desire.

We help select the perfect color palette for any room

Our paint color specialists help you select colors that will perfectly fit your home’s unique design style. While adding that modern lift that will last for years to come. 

Magazine looking results

Our highly acclaimed in-home color consultation service is now only: $250. for the first hour and $150. for each hour thereafter. (average in home color consultation visit usually takes 2 to 3 hours).

Faux Decor also offers for those discerning customers, virtual full-color room design renderings.

Experience the best color(s) before you paint. Take full advantage of our five-star color consultation service with our Photoshop slideshow presentation.  Our Nashville paint color consultation service offers virtual color design renderings that put the best color on your walls before you paint. 

Multiple rooms or whole house paint color consultations will take longer and are billed at our standard rate. (this room color presentation service is billed at our standard hourly rate of $175. per hr.). 

And for your home's perfect exterior color look

Experience the elegance of beautiful color designs and enhancements for your home.  Imagine! https://eletint.com/…experiencing your home’s perfect exterior color, and if you request even design enhancements for your home before you begin to paint.

Welcome to Faux Decor’s complete home color and home design consultation service eletint.com. Eletint eliminates the problem of finding the right look and color for your home. No longer will you need to deal with the disappointing complexities of choosing the wrong color. Think of all the time and money you’ll save not having to run to your neighborhood paint store to experiment with countless quarts of disappointing colors.

Clients Nationwide simply send in pictures of their home’s exterior to experience the best version of their home’s color and design enhancements. Our color designers then create three full-color renderings for every client showing the perfect combinations of paint colors and design embellishments that will best showcase their home’s exterior. This unique Three 3 color design rendering service is priced at $485.00. This could save you from spending thousands of dollars to have your home painted only to be unhappy with the outcome…