4 Ideas For Your Baby Nursery

Having a baby is an exciting time for any parent. As you prepare for your newborn, one of the biggest steps you need to take is to get your nursery ready. There are many things to consider when creating a room for your baby. According to a survey from Sherwin-Williams, 50% of respondents who hired professional painters did so because they couldn’t reach certain areas they wanted to paint. With the help of local painters and some creativity, you can utilize the following ideas for your child’s first room.

1. Have a Theme

You won’t be able to tell what your newborn’s favorite color or cartoon character will be for a while, but you can still have fun with themes. Do you have a favorite animal, such as a whale or dolphin? How about nature? Do you want to surround your baby with butterflies and flowers? Is there a children’s book that you look forward to reading to your little ones as they grow? All of these things can be used as a theme to build your nursery around. Once you’ve decided on a theme, hire local painters to paint the walls, door, and trim with a color that matches well.

2. Go Beyond Gender-Based Colors

There was a time when blue was automatically associated with boys and pink was for girls. However, as most children grow, they may have different favorite colors. Therefore, you can opt for shades of purple, orange, yellow, green, or whatever color you think would look right in a nursery. You may want to choose your own favorite color.

3. Start With Essential Furniture

You’ll need furniture for your nursery, but avoid going crazy with clutter. Focus on essential furniture, such as a crib, changing table, and wardrobe. It’s easier to paint the walls before moving a bunch of furniture in. If your heart is set on specific furniture items, try to find a room color that can complement it first.

4. Use White With a Splash of Color

When a room is white, it’s easier to see if any part of it needs to be cleaned. This makes it a practical option for nurseries. You can opt for white walls and furniture to ensure everything stays as clean as possible. You may also want to liven things up with a bold accent wall.

Creating a nursery can be a fun and exciting experience. Regardless of your theme or furniture choices, you can start off with the help of local painters. When you’re ready to create a comfortable and beautiful space for your baby, give the team of experts at Nashville House Painters a call.